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  • What's the slowest classical music ever ?

    In today's hectic world, many of us are looking to rest up and slow down. How slow, though, are you prepared to go? I asked our staff to help me brainstorm a list of the slowest classical music ever written. Place of honor goes to John Cage's Organ²/ASLSP (As SLow aS Possible), a 1987 organ piece that's currently being played at a church in Germany in a performance that's scheduled to last 640 years. I guess that's not technically as slow as possible (they'll go for 641 years next time), but it's pretty darn slow.
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  • First KHOLBA CAFE Food Cart Opened in the Salt Lake

    Food Carts on Broadway SLC That Will Change The Way You Street-Eat... at read more

  • What makes a piece of music feel relaxing ?

    Music is often most affecting when a performance is so natural, and a composition so well-crafted, that a listener is able to let go and relax into a state of pure experience. But what is it that allows music to bestow this state upon a listener? Is music most relaxing when it is at its most simple? Are solo piano pieces inherently more intimate and immediate than a full symphony?.read more

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Why is the sky blue? We see sunlight as white light, but it is actually a mixture of red, yellow, orange, green, purple, and blue. When the sun’s light passes through the earth’s atmosphere, these individual colors are deflected and scattered in many different ways by atmospheric molecules and other stuff in the air. The colors blue and purple are deflected the most, which causes these colors to scatter all over the sky. Since the human eye can detect blue easier than the color purple, humans see the color blue when they look up into the sky. I wonder what color dogs see?

Upcoming Great Utah Party

  • Party with Kholba Radio!

    Set your mood for the music party that Kholba Radio will throw! Widen your ears, open your senses and we will reward you a high quality siesta.

  • Kholba Fit!

    One of the highlights of Kholba Radio is to interact with your own community while listening with your music of identity!  

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